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New high-power LED modules

New high-power LED modules more...


Diode laser with fast analogue modulation

Diode laser with fast analogue modulation The new LuxX.HSA diode lasers from the laser specialist Omicron present themselves with innovative functions and extended performance features in a compact design more...


New Generation of Laser Light Engines with up to seven wavelengths

With the new “LightHUB+” and “LightHUB Ultra” laser light engines, laser- and LED specialist Omicron provides higher flexibility in the world of Microscopy and Biotechnology. more...


Power Boost for Omicron Diode Lasers

The international laser specialist Omicron rises the optical output powers of its diode lasers. more...


Innovative High Power LED Light Engine für den UV Bereich

The successful „LedHUB“ LED light engine produced by Laser- and LED specialist Omicron is now available down to 340nm. more...


Higher Powers and extended Warranty for Omicron Diode Lasers

Laser specialist Omicron in Rodgau rises optical output powers of its diode laser series and at the same time extends warranty. more...


QuixX Flexible Picosecond Diode Lasers

QuixX Picosecond Pulsed Diode Lasers more...


German Lasers for Australia: Scitech takes over representation for Omicron

The German laser specialist Omicron expands its sales presence around the globe. As of now the company Scitech Pty Ltd, one of the leading suppliers for specialized equipment for imaging represents Omicron’s innovative laser products in Australia. more...


German Lasers take off: Omicron LightHUB on a journey in space

Laser and LED specialist Omicron once more confirms the exceptional stability of its LightHUB® Laser Combiner on board of a skyrocket more...


Innovative LED high power light source with up to six wavelengths

With the new „LedHUB“ LED light engine, laser- and LED specialist Omicron provides more flexibility in the world of Microscopy and Biotechnology. more...


New Generation of LED Modules

High-Power LED-Modules with more flexibility and power. Laser and LED Specialist Omicron presents a new Generation of LED modules more...


New Distributor in India

Expanded distribution network for German lasers in India: Dynotech Instruments takes over representation for Omicron more...


Single LightHUB for DPSS Lasers

The Single LightHUB consists of a DPSS laser and AOM modulator in a compact housing and can be completed with a fixed fibre coupling unit. The new single LightHUB is our solution for green, yellow and orange DPSS lasers. more...


German lasers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

German lasers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein: GMP takes over sales representation for OMICRON in these countries. German laser specialist OMICRON expands its sales presence in Europe. As of now General Microtechnology & Photonics (GMP), specialising in lasers and spectroscopy, represents OMICRON's innovative laser products in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. more...


New functions for the Omicron Laser Tools APP

The Omicron Laser Tools App for iPhone, iPad, Android based mobile phones and tablets has been improved. more...


Innovative two-in-one solution: with new diode laser series Omicron connects two laser-worlds in on device

Laserspecialist Omicron in Rodgau brings more flexibility into the world of diode lasers with its new “BrixX ps” laser series. Through simply changing in the operating mode one device offers either picosecond pulsed or modulated CW-operation. more...



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