Diode laser with fast analogue modulation
Diode laser with fast analogue modulation

The new LuxX.HSA diode lasers from the laser specialist Omicron present
themselves with innovative functions and extended performance features in
a compact design

Rodgau, 14.06.19 (rd) – Under the name LuxX.HSA, laser specialist
Omicron introduces a new diode laser series that sets new standards in
modulation speed. With ultra-fast, analogue modulation of intensity up to
150 megahertz, digital modulation with more than 250 megahertz and an
electronic shutter with full modulation depth up to more than 500 kilohertz,
the LuxX.HSA lasers have unique modulation speeds in their compact size
of only four by four by ten centimeters. Versatile customer-configurable
input signals such as TTL, 0…1V and differential modulation signals allow
easy integration of the lasers into customer designs.
The LuxX.HSA diode lasers are equipped with integrated RS-232 and
USB2.0 interfaces, which enable fast and easy interaction with the
application. The innovative Omicron optics compensate astigmatism. The
beam is thus generated with a diameter of approximately one millimetre or
optionally 0.7mm 1/e². The focus is absolutely round, which is particularly
important for microlithographic applications.
For biotechnological applications, the new product family of the laser
specialist is the first choice, as the LuxX.HSA laser provides over 30
different wavelengths from 375 to 1550 nm as a directly modulatable and
compact light source. The lasers are available with optical output powers of
up to 500mW in single-mode operation.
Omicron's new LuxX.HSA diode lasers will go into series production in the
third quarter of 2019 and will be presented at the world's leading trade
show “Laser 2019 – World of Photonics” from June 24 to 27, 2019 in
Munich in Hall B2, Booth 115.
More information about Omicron's laser products is available at

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