New Plug & Play Multimode High-Power Laser Light Engine BrixXHUB Ultra
New Plug & Play Multimode High-Power Laser Light Engine BrixXHUB Ultra

Omicron-Laser introduces its latest plug & play system, the BrixXHUB Ultra.
As the first highly integrated multimode high-power laser light engine on the market, it is the perfect fit for applications in widefield laser illumination.

Rodgau, March 21, 2024 – Laser manufacturer Omicron-Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH Iaunches the BrixXHUB Ultra. The new device is a highly integrated multimode high-power laser light engine with up to 6 high-power BrixX lasers at its core, offering a wide range of wavelengths between 375 and 1550nm at up to more than 5 Watts per wavelength. This, combined with 6 analog and digital modulation inputs, provides unique flexibility to meet dynamic project needs.

The system is designed for user-friendly operation and comes fully equipped with all essential accessories, enabling users to promptly start their projects without any delay.

Designed especially for widefield laser illumination applications, the BrixXHUB Ultra convinces as a highly integrated multimode high-power light engine, ensuring optimal performance in diverse settings.

In addition, its user-upgradeable design allows for easy customization, enabling individuals to adapt to evolving project requirements effortlessly.

Ensuring utmost safety remains of major importance and is guaranteed by an integrated laser safety shutter within the BrixXHUB Ultra. Furthermore, if necessary, the BrixXHUB Ultra can be completed by an internal, switchable ND filter.

Seamless integration with various microscope types is made possible through its multi-mode fiber coupling, allowing easy adaptation to different fiber core shapes, diameters, and connector types.

The new BrixXHUB Ultra light engines will be presented at the Focus on Microscopy Conference 2024 in Genua, Italy, at booth 41. Further information on Omicron laser products can be found at +++

About Omicron
Omicron-Laser has been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative laser and LED light sources since 1989. With a highly qualified team based in Germany, Omicron is specialized in customized solutions in addition to the broad product portfolio. Product development and production comply with European and US guidelines and are conducted according to the ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality standards. Omicron offers CW light sources as well as high-speed modulated systems in the nanosecond and picosecond range, both as single and multi-wavelength solutions. Omicron's high-end products serve demanding applications in medicine, biotechnology, such as microscopy and flow cytometry, digital imaging, data storage, microlithography, quality assurance, measurement engineering and many more.

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