New multichannel desktop lasers for laboratory applications
New multichannel desktop lasers for laboratory applications

With the new “BrixXLAB” multichannel desktop lasers, laser- and LED specialist Omicron provides fiber-coupled high-power illumination possibilities within laboratories.

Rodgau, 23.June, 2022 – By combining Omicron’s BrixX lasers and a standalone desktop housing, Omicron provides researchers with a flexible laser tool to use in laboratories.

Independent use of up to 4 different wavelengths
The four separately controllable laser channels can be equipped with the same or different wavelengths from 375nm to 1550nm (one wavelength per channel) with up to 10W/channel. This provides ultimate flexibility when examining one sample with four different wavelengths or for examining four samples with the same wavelength. High safety is provided via fiber detection per channel, as there is no laser emission if the fiber is not connected.

Touchscreen interface
Due to modern control possibilities via touchscreen, no additional computer is required to control the system. This allows a higher level of independency and user-friendliness within laboratory applications. In order to integrate the system into more complex processes, it can also be controlled via the included Windows-based Omicron Control Center software or third-party software.

Timer Function
To facilitate the exact management of irradiation times when illuminating samples, the BrixXLAB has a built-in timer functionality that can either be activated for a single channel or grouped for multiple channels.
The BrixXLAB can be applied in fluorescence analysis, as a light source in analytical processes, as well as for drug development, such as in photodynamic cancer therapy.

The new “BrixXLAB” systems are already available. Further information on Omicron laser products can be found at +++

About Omicron
Omicron-Laser has been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative laser and LED light sources since 1989. With a highly qualified team based in Germany, Omicron is specialized in customized solutions in addition to the broad product portfolio. Product development and production comply with European and US guidelines and are conducted according to the ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality standards. Omicron offers CW light sources as well as high-speed modulated systems in the nanosecond and picosecond range, both as single and multi-wavelength solutions. Omicron's high-end products serve demanding applications in medicine, biotechnology, such as microscopy and flow cytometry, digital imaging, data storage, microlithography, quality assurance, measurement engineering and many more.

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