DC180 DualChannel – Modulated Lasers with >180MHz 4-Level Modulation

Modulated diode laser modules with two digital and two analogue modulation input channels

Bluephoton® DC180 Series – 375 nm – 488 nm
Greenphoton® DC180 Series – 515 nm
Redphoton® DC180 Series – 635 nm – 1060 nm

Specifications DC180-Models

Blue- / Greenphoton® DC180

Redphoton® DC180

Wavelengths & Powers
(other wavelengths and powers on request)

Single-Mode (SM):
375nm / 20mW
375nm / 70mW
395nm / 120mW
405nm / 55mW
405nm / 120mW
405nm / 300mW
415nm / 120mW
425nm / 120mW
445nm / 50mW
445nm / 100mW
457nm / 100mW
460nm / 100mW
473nm / 20mW
473nm / 80mW
473nm / 100mW
488nm / 20mW
488nm / 60mW
488nm / 80mW
488nm / 100mW
488nm / 150mW
515nm / 25mW
515nm / 50mW
515nm / 80mW
Multi-Mode (MM):
375nm / 200mW (M² = 7...8)
405nm / 400mW (M² = 5...6)
445nm / 500mW (M² = 2...3)

Single-Mode (SM):
635nm / 5mW
637nm / 150mW
639nm / 40mW
643nm / 150mW
647nm / 150mW
658nm / 130mW
670nm / 15mW
685nm / 35mW
785nm / 120mW
808nm / 200mW
830nm / 200mW
852nm / 150mW
980nm / 150mW
1016nm / 100mW
1060nm / 100mW
Multi-Mode (MM):
638nm / 250mW
and much more

Beam diameter
(other diameters on request)

1.25mm (1/e²) +/- 0.25mm
(MM beam diameter may vary)

1.25mm (1/e²) +/- 0.25mm
(MM beam diameter may vary)

Beam quality M²

<1.2 (SM)
<6 (MM)

<1.2 (SM)
<6 (MM)

Astigmatism (corrected)



Beam ellipticity

<1.1:1 (SM)

<1.1:1 (SM)


>100:1 vertical

>100:1 vertical

Power stability

<0.5% / h

<0.5% / h

Noise 0Hz-100MHz

<0.5% peak<>peak (CW)

<0.5% peak<>peak (CW)

Modulation speed

2x Analog: 1MHz
2x Digital >180MHz

Modulation input signals

Analog: 0...5V -> 0...100%
Digital: 0...1V / 50 Ohm with programmable trigger-level

Rise- and falltime

< 1ns

Extinction ratio

>250 : 1

Supply voltage

85-245VAC, 50/60Hz


RS-232 interface


LDM.COL - collimator objective
LDM.FOC - customized focussing objective
LDM.FASY.XXX - fibre coupling unit
LDM.AAC - Automatic Aging Compensation
LDM.MON - high-speed light monitoring

The diode lasers of the Bluephoton® / Greenphoton® / Redphoton® DC180 DualChannel Series are temperature-stabilized laser diode modules with 2 modulation inputs in each case, for digital (On/Off) and analog modulation (power control). The two digital modulation inputs (up to ~200 MHz) are available either as 0…1 V / 50 Ohm or as LV-TTL (low voltage TTL) inputs. The analog modulation inputs have an input voltage of 0 … 1 V. The digital inputs are provided with programmable trigger levels, so that the switching point of the laser can be adapted to the input signals. The power to be switched per digital input can also be programmed. By means of the four binary possible combinations (00, 01.10 and 11) of the two digital inputs, the laser can be switched very fast between 4 different power levels. The extremely short rise and fall times of the digital modulation of <1 ns (nanoseconds) enable precise switching of the laser light in extremely fast processes, such as for example digital data storage, in CD and DVD mastering, as well as in microlithography. As a result of their intelligent laser controller with interface RS-232, these lasers can be integrated seamlessly into applications and controller. Through the standardized “Command Line Interface” (CLI), you have at all times full control of all parameters of the laser, such as e.g. laser diode temperature, laser powers and currents, operating modes and lots more.
The systems consist of a laser head and a laser controller in the EMC-screened modular housing and a low-noise power supply unit with an input voltage of 90-24 V, 50/60 Hz. As in case of all lasers of the Bluephoton® and Redphoton® Series, the laser head can be very simply adapted to customer specifications by the use of the modular principle.

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