Ultra High Power LED modules with TEC cooling and optional fibre-coupling


TEC-cooled Ultra High Power LED modules from 365 nm to 700 nm with optional fibre- / Liquid Light Guide coupling
Key Facts:
• Wavelengths between 365nm and 660nm + white available
• High spectral- and power stability due to TEC temp. control of the LED chip
• Fibre and Liquid Light Guide coupling
• Fast analogue and digital modulation up to 500kHz (<2µs switching time)
• Internal, programmable PWM frequency generator up to 200kHz
SYNC output
• USB2.0 and RS-232 interface
• Drivers for Metamorph, LabVIEW and Micromanager available

LEDMOD HP Series - Specifications


Wavelengths & Powers
(other wavelengths and powers on request)

UV / Violett:
365nm / 3500mW
385nm / 4500mW
405nm / 4500mW
455nm / 3000mW
465nm / 3000mW
500-600nm / 2400mW
530nm / 650mW
635nm / 850mW
660nm / 1200mW
5600K / 2000mW

Free emission angle

120 - 130°

Temperature control

active peltier cooling (TEC)

External modulation capabilities

up to 500kHz analogue modulation
up to 500kHz digital modulation

Modulation inputs 

1x Analogue modulation (0...5V / 2.5kOhm) via SMA Connector
1x Digital modulation (TTL / 5kOhm) via SMA Connector

Internal modulation capabilities

Up to 200kHz with programmable frequency
 and duty-cycle

Power setting resolution

internal: 12Bit
external: analogue

 SYNC output

TTL signal via SMA connector 

Computer interface

USB-2.0 and RS-232 

Operation modes

1.) external analogue control (0...5V) for output power and
   additional external TTL signal for ON/OFF modulation

2.) internal power control with external TTL for ON/OFF

3.) internal power control CW (continuous wave) operation
   (no external signals necessary)

4.) internal power control + programmable frequency and
   duty-cycle for ON/OFF modulation
   (no external signals necessary)

5.) external power control (0...5V) for output power +
   programmable frequency and duty-cycle for ON/OFF

Control interface

15-pin HD-Sub-D connector

(without fibre-coupling unit)

 82 x 76.5 x 220mm (HxWxL).


1500...1700g (depending on type of fibre coupler)

Supply voltage


Power consumption

80W max.
<1W in standby

Environmental temperature


Special features

* Interlock function
* fast analogue and digital modulation
* TEC temperature control of LED Chip
* programmable PWM generator
* SYNC output


* High-efficiency fibre coupling into high-NA fused-silica fibres or 2/3/5mm Liquid Light Guides
* Collimating and focussing objectives

The LEDMOD HP modules offer great functionality and flexibility for applications in industry and research. With wavelengths from 365 to 660nm and optical output power of up to several watts, the LEDMOD HP series can be used in many power-hungry applications such as microscopy, chemical analysis, spectroscopy, forensics and others. The LED modules are available in a fibre- or liquid light guide coupled version or with free space emission. The modules have modulation inputs for fast analogue intensity modulation with up to 500 kilohertz and digital modulation with a switching time of < 2µs. High-precision temperature stabilization of the LED chips ensures a very good performance and wavelength stability. This is important especially for applications that not only need an exact output power, but also a high stability of the emission spectrum. The digital modulation can be operated via external modulation signals, as well as an internal, programmable signal generator. A SYNC output ensures synchronization with external devices such as cameras, spectrometers and lock-in amplifiers. One or several LEDMOD HP modules can be comfortably controlled via RS-232 and USB 2.0 interface by either the supplied software 'Omicron Control Center' or the customer's own software.

LEDMOD available wavelengths (VISIBLE)

Omicron Control Center (OCC) Software – controlling 3 LEDMOD HP modules

OCC Software with three LEDMOD´s connected

Each LEDMOD HP module is delivered with the Omicron Control Center (OCC) – Control Software. The software can control multiple LEDMOD HP modules and offers a master section which controls all modules in parallel. The OCC can be used for daily use or just for configuring the LEDMODs for computer independent operation once.


LEDMOD HP Datasheet

LEDMOD HP Datasheet


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