BrixXHUB Ultra ® Highly Integrated Multimode High-Power Light Engine

BrixXHUB<sup>®</sup> Ultra laser light engine
BrixXHUB® Ultra – Highly Integrated Multimode High-Power Light Engine

Key Facts:

- Plug & play laser system with up to 10.000 mW per wavelength
- Equipped with up to 6 BrixX lasers between 375 and 1550nm
- 6 analog and 6 digital modulation inputs
- Integrated safety shutter
- Optional internal, switchable ND filter
- Ideal for widefield illumination


BrixXHUB Ultra® - Specifications:

available wavelengths and powers:

(internal laser power)

375nm / 400mW
405nm / 1200mW
405nm / 2500mW
445nm / 2500mW, 3500mW
455nm / 5000mW
465nm / 5000mW
473nm / 1000mW
488nm / 2000mW
520nm / 1000mW
525nm / 1500mW
532nm / 1250mW
555nm / 1000mW
577nm / 1000mW
638nm / 700mW, 1200mW, 2200mW
647nm / 500mW
675nm / 1200mW
690nm / 1200mW
750nm / 1500mW
808nm / 2500mW
915nm / 1500mW
980nm / 1000mW
1064nm / 1500mW
1550nm / 2000mW

Fiber coupling:

Type:                                      MultiMode fibers with round or square shape

Fibre output:                          FC/PC or SMA 

Control interface:

Type:                                     USB 2.0                                               

Laser control software:

WindowsTM based laser control software - Omicron Control Center (OCC)

Supply voltage:

90-240VAC / 50-60Hz

Available options:

- Internal speckle-reducer for homogeneous widefield illumination
- Switchable ND filter

BrixXHUB high-power laser combiner

The BrixXHUB Ultra ® is a highly integrated plug & play system ideal for widefield laser illumination. With up to 6 lasers and 6 modulation inputs, it offers unparalleled flexibility. Equipped with safety features, accessories, and seamless integration, it ensures optimal performance and adaptability.


– Widefield laser illlumination

Each BrixXHUB Ultra laser light engine is delivered with the Omicron Control Center (OCC) – Laser Control Software. The software can control multiple lasers and offers a Master section which controls all lasers in parallel. The OCC can be used for daily use or just for configuring the laser for computer independent operation once.



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