BrixXHUB® High Power Laser Combiners

BrixXHUB<sup>®</sup> high power laser combiner
BrixXHUB® – high-power laser combiner with up to 6 wavelengths

Key Facts:

• Up to 6 wavelengths beam-combined and efficiently
fibre coupled in one compact housing
• Wavelengths between 375 and 1550nm available
• free-space emission or Multi-Mode fibre coupled output
• Conductively cooled
• Optional internal speckle reducer for homogeneous laser wide-field Illumination
• Windows™ based laser control software included.
• Field upgradable
OEM versions available
• Software drivers for Metamorph, LabVIEW and Micromanager available


BrixXHUB® - Specifications:

Available models:

BrixXHUB-2 for up to 2 wavelengths
BrixXHUB-4 for up to 4 wavelengths
BrixXHUB-6 for up to 6 wavelengths

(Customized versions available on request!)

available wavelengths and powers:

(internal laser power)

375nm / 400mW
405nm / 1200mW
445nm / 2500mW, 3500mW
455nm / 5000mW
465nm / 5000mW
473nm / 1000mW
488nm / 2000mW
520nm / 1000mW
525nm / 1500mW
532nm / 1250mW
555nm / 1000mW
577nm / 1000mW
638nm / 700mW, 1200mW, 2200mW
660nm / 1200mW
675nm / 1200mW
690nm / 1200mW
750nm / 1500mW
808nm / 2500mW
915nm / 1500mW
980nm / 1000mW
1064nm / 1500mW
1550nm / 2000mW
Integration of further High-Power Multi-Mode diode lasers as well as DPSS lasers + AO modulator possible on request

Fibre coupling:

Type:                                      MultiMode fibers with round or square shape

Fibre output:                          FC/PC or SMA 

Free emission:

Beam diameter:                     e.g. 2,5mm 1/e²

                                              (Beam diameter depends on wavelength)

Control interface:

Type:                                     USB 2.0 / RS-232                                               

Laser control software:

WindowsTM based laser control software - Omicron Control Center (OCC)

Supply voltage:

24VDC (depending on laser type)

Available options: - internal speckle-reducer for homogeneous widefield illumination
- external interlock control box for up to 6 lasers
BrixXHUB high-power laser combiner

The BrixXHUB® High-Power Laser Combiner can be equipped with up to 6 DPSS or diode lasers of different wavelengths (two of the same per wavelength are possible) in a compact and rugged design. Wavelengths between 375nm and 1550nm and optical output powers up to 5000mW per laser line can be installed. The BrixXHUB is available in free-space Emission or with fibre coupled output. With the optionally available speckle reducer, the BrixXHUB is ideally suited for laser wide field applications like superresolution microscopy or high-speed machine vision. WIth the USB and RS-232 Interfaces of each individual laser, the BrixXHUB unit can be easily installed into new or existing Setups

– Wide-field superresolution microscopy (PALM, STORM, SIM)
- High-power RGB applications
– Optogenetics
– Test and Measurement
– Machine Vision

Each BrixXHUB laser combiner is delivered with the Omicron Control Center (OCC) – Laser Control Software. The software can control multiple lasers and offers a Master section which controls all lasers in parallel. The OCC can be used for daily use or just for configuring the laser for computer independent operation once.


BrixXHUB Datasheet

BrixXHUB Datasheet


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