QuixX® Picosecond-pulsed Diode Lasers

QuixX® Picosecond-pulsed Diode Laser
QuixX® diode lasers

Key Facts:
Picosecond & CW mode
The laser is able to emit ultrashort pulses down to 50 picoseconds as well as continuous wave (CW). Low pulse-to-pulse jitter <2ps in picosecond mode as well as high stability and low noise emission in CW mode is assured by latest high-end quality electronics.
User adjustable pulse-shape
In picosecond mode the pulse-shape can be adjusted in shape, height and repetition-rate by software control comfortably. In “low-power”-mode the laser does produce Gaussian shaped pulses without any aftershoot / shoulder. In “high-power”-mode a higher peak and average power is achieved compromising some aftershoot. In the additional “expert”-mode, any pulse-shape between low-power and high-power mode can be adjusted.
Arbitrary frequency Generator
The built-in software programmable function generator can generate frequencies from 1 Hz to 100MHz with very low jitter. Just like an external high-end function generator.
Programmable delay Generator
For easy synchronization of external devices like cameras, fast detectors or sensors the laser has an integrated delay generator for its SYNC output signal. The Pulse-to-SYNC signal can be delayed by up to 28 nanoseconds with 10 picoseconds in resolution. This function can also be used to daisy-chain multiple QuixX lasers in Master/Slave setups.
Modulation & gating capability
In both picosecond and CW operation, the QuixX offers full intensity modulation and gating by external analog and digital modulation signals at high frequencies.
Highest fibre coupling Efficiency
Due to Omicron´s proprietary focal shaping technology, the natural astigmatism of laser diodes is eliminated, producing a high quality laser beam with perfect focusability. In free-space application the laser can be focused near to the diffraction limit resulting in a round, Gaussian focal point. This also enables very high fibre coupling efficiency into single-mode fibres.

Specifications QuixX Diode Laser Series

QuixX® Series


Wavelengths & Powers
(other wavelengths and
powers on request)

TBD = Values will be available soon!


Power / CW

Pulse width
Narrow Pulse
Wide Pulse
Average power
Narrow Pulse
Wide Pulse
QuixX® 375-70 PS 375nm / 70mW



QuixX® 405-120 PS 405nm / 120mW



QuixX® 405-300 PS 405nm / 300mW


QuixX® 425-120 PS 425nm / 120mW <60ps
QuixX® 445-100 PS 445nm / 100mW



QuixX® 473-100 PS 473nm / 100mW



QuixX® 488-60 PS 488nm / 60mW



QuixX® 488-200 PS 488nm / 200mW



QuixX® 515-80 PS 515nm / 80mW



QuixX® 642-140 PS 642nm / 140mW



QuixX® 808-200 PS 808nm / 200mW



QuixX® 852-150 PS 852nm / 150mW <70ps
QuixX® 1030-50 PS 1030nm / 50mW <60ps
QuixX® 1060-50 PS 1060nm / 50mW <60ps

Beam Quality M²


Beam ellipticity

<1.1:1 (astigmatism corrected)


>100:1 vertical

Long term power stability

<1% / 8h

RMS Noise  20Hz...10MHz

<0.5% (CW)
<0.5% (CW)

Operation Modes

CW operation (ACC - Automatic Constant Current)
CW operation (APC - Automatic Power Control)
Picosecond Pulsed (LP - narrow pulse)
Picosecond Pulsed (HP - wide pulse)
Picosecond Pulsed (expert mode adj. between LP and HP)
Analogue modulation (works for both CW and Picosecond Mode)
Digital modulation (CW mode only)

SYNC in (works for Picosecond Mode as external SYNC or gating input)
Analogue + SYNC in (work for Picosecond Mode)

Analogue modulation
    Input signal type

0...5V / 1,2kOhm or 0...1V / 50 Ohm (user selectable via software) 

  Digital modulation / SYNC input

    Input signal type

>1MHz digital modulation (CW)
up to 100MHz* for external triggering (SYNC in)
0...5V/TTL (200 Ohm), 0...1V / 50 Ohm, -0.5...+0.5V / 50 Ohm or (NIM)0...-1.6V / 50 Ohm  (user selectable via software) 

Laser Enable (electronic shutter)
    Input signal type

>200kHz (full ON/OFF)
TTL (2kOhm)

Rise- and falltime

Analogue:        < 50ns
Digital:             < 500ns 
Laser Enable:  < 1000ns 

Extinction ratio

Analogue:        >1000 : 1
Digital:             >1000:1
Laser Enable:  infinite (full ON/OFF)

Picosecond pulsed repetition rate

external SYNC

Internal programmable frequency generator

From Single-Shot up to 100MHz*

0...500kHz in 1Hz steps
500kHz...80MHz in 500kHz steps

Internal programmable SYNC OUT
delay generator

0ns ... 28.4ns pulse to sync delay in 10ps steps

Supply voltage

15 ... 24 VDC nominal (14 ... 25VDC max.) 

Control interface

RS-232 and USB 2.0

Dimensions laser head

191 x 65 x 60 mm  (l x w x h)

Options & Accessories

BRIXX.PSU world wide power supply unit for BrixX and QuixX diode lasers 
BRIXX.FASYADAP fibre coupling adapter bracket for fibre coupling units
fasy.xxxx various fibre coupling units for single-mode or multi-mode fibres with SMA, FC/PC, FC/APC or FCP8 connector as well as collimated output at various beam diameters

single-mode fibre coupling efficiency >65%
multi-mode fibre coupling efficiency >80%
BRIXX.HEATSINK Standard heat sink for BrixX and QuixX diode lasers
XX.CDRH remote control box with key switch and emission LED for CDRH compliant operation
QuixX® Series Diode Lasers

universal diode lasers offer picosecond pulsed operation as well as continuous wave operation with modulation capability. Extraordinary synchronization features with high resolution delay generator, internal frequency generation and user-selectable input and output signals make these lasers the most versatile laser diode modules for industrial, biotech and scientific use.

QuixX Applications:

- Fluorescence Microscopy incl. Confocal, TIRF, FRAP, STED, FLIM and many more…
- TCSPC – Time Correlated Single Photon Counting
- Time-resolved Spectroscopy
- Time of flight (TOF) experiments
- Seed Laser for fiber lasers and MOPA Systems
- ….

QuixX Electronic Interface

QuixX Dimensions

Front view:

Bottom view:

Each QuixX diode laser modules is delivered with the Omicron Control Center (OCC) – Laser Control Software. The software can control multiple lasers and offers a Master section which controls all lasers in parallel. The OCC can be used for daily use or just for configuring the laser for computer independent operation once.

* Depending on laser model


QuixX Datasheet

QuixX Datasheet

QuixX Brochure


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