BrixX® Diode Laser Series

BrixX® Series Diode Laser
BrixX® diode lasers

Key Facts:
• Many different wavelengths between 375nm and 2080nm available
• Single-Mode optical output powers up to 800mW
• Multi-Mode optical output powers up to 5 Watt
• High-Stability CW operation (ACC and APC mode)
• Fast analogue and digital modulation
• Electronic shutter function (laser inhibit) with >500kHz full ON/OFF capability
• Integrated power monitoring
• Automatic Aging Compensation (AAC) function
• USB2.0 and RS-232 interface
• Fiber output or free space emission (depends on model)
• Drivers for Metamorph, LabVIEW and Micromanager available

Specifications BrixX Diode Laser Series

BrixX® Series


Wavelengths & Powers
(other wavelengths and
powers on request)

Modell Wavelength / Power SM / MM   Output 
BrixX® 375-400 HP 375nm / 400mW  MM free space
BrixX® 405-1200 HP 405nm / 1200mW  MM free space
BrixX® 445-2500 HP 445nm / 2500mW  MM free space
BrixX® 455-5000 HP 455nm / 5000mW MM free space
BrixX® 465-5000 HP 465nm / 5000mW MM free space
BrixX® 473-1000 HP 473nm / 1000mW  MM free space
BrixX® 488-2000 HP 488nm / 2000mW MM free space
BrixX® 520-1000 HP 520nm / 1000mW  MM free space
BrixX® 525-1500 HP 525nm / 1500mW MM free space
BrixX® 532-1250 HP 525nm / 1500mW MM free space
BrixX® 633-30 NB 633nm / 30mW  SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 633-50 NB 633nm / 50mW SM free space
BrixX® 638-700 HP 638nm / 700mW  MM free space
BrixX® 647-500 HP 647nm / 500mW  MM free space
BrixX® 660-1200 HP 660nm / 1200mW MM free space
BrixX® 675-1200 HP 675nm / 1200mW MM free space
BrixX® 690-1200 HP 690nm / 1200mW MM free space
BrixX® 735-1500 HP 735nm / 1500mW MM free space
BrixX® 750-1500 HP 750nm / 1500mW MM free space
BrixX® 760-10 NB 760nm / 10mW  SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 763-10 NB 763nm / 10mW  SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 773-20 NB 773nm / 20mW  SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 785-50NB 785nm / 50mW SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 785-100NB 785nm / 100mW SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 785-100 NB-FS 785nm / 100mW SM free space
BrixX® 785-200 NB-FS 785nm / 200mW SM free space
BrixX® 785-250 HP 785nm / 250mW  SM FC/APC
BrixX® 785-500 NB 785nm / 500mW  MM FC/APC
BrixX® 795-15 NB 795nm / 15mW  SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 795-1500 HP 795nm / 1500mW MM free space
BrixX® 808-250 STD 808nm / 250mW SM FC/APC
BrixX® 808-2500 HP 808nm / 2500mW  MM free space
BrixX® 808-800 HP 808nm / 800mW  SM free space
BrixX® 852-50 NB 852nm / 50mW  SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 855-50 NB 855nm / 50mW  SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 976-500 NB 976nm / 500mW   SM FC/APC
BrixX® 980-1000 HP 980nm / 1000mW MM free space
BrixX® 1064-40 NB 1064nm / 40mW  SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 1064-300 NB  1064nm / 300mW   SM PM FC/APC 
BrixX® 1064-500 NB 1064nm / 500mW  SM FC/APC
BrixX® 1064-500 NB-FS 1064nm / 500mW  SM free space
BrixX® 1083-30 NB 1083nm / 30mW  SM PM FC/APC 
BrixX® 1550-40 NB 1550nm / 40mW  SM PM FC/APC
HP = High Power
NB = Narrow Bandwidth


>100:1 vertical for single-mode (SM or SM PM) models 
for Multi-mode (MM) models, polarisation depends on laser type 

Long term power stability

<1% / 8h

RMS Noise  20Hz...10MHz

<0.5% (CW)
<0.5% (CW)

Operation Modes
    Mode 1
    Mode 2
    Mode 3
    Mode 4
    Mode 5

CW operation (ACC - Automatic Constant Current)
CW operation (APC - Automatic Power Control)
Analogue modulation
Digital modulation
Analogue + Digital modulation

Analogue modulation
    Input signal type

0...5V / 1,2kOhm or 0...1V / 50 Ohm (user selectable via software) 

Digital modulation
    Input signal type

TTL (2kOhm)

Laser Enable (electronic shutter)
    Input signal type

>500kHz (full ON/OFF)
TTL (2kOhm)

Rise- and falltime

Analogue:        < 200ns
Digital:             < 200ns 
Laser Enable:  < 500ns 

Extinction ratio

Analogue:        >1000 : 1
Digital:             >250:1
Laser Enable:  infinite (full ON/OFF)

Supply voltage

12 ... 24 VDC nominal (11.0 ... 25VDC max.) 

Control interface

RS-232 and USB 2.0

Dimensions laser head

186 x 65 x 60 mm  (l x w x h)

Options & Accessories

BRIXX.PSU world wide power supply unit for BrixX series lasers 
XX.CDRH remote control box with key switch and emission LED for CDRH compliant operation
BrixX® Series Diode Lasers

The versatility of the BrixX® covers a wide range of applications like RAMAN spectroscopy, machine vision, metrology and many more. The USB2.0 and the RS-232 interface allow deep integration of the lasers into the application´s process.


- Machine Vision
- RAMAN Spectroscopy
- Test and Measurement


BrixX NB Datasheet

BrixX NB Datasheet

BrixX HP Datasheet

BrixX HP Datasheet


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