Our Customers

Our Customers

We develop and produce laser diode systems and laser applications for companies around the globe. Customers come from areas as diverse as pre-press, digital photo development, DVD mastering, medicine and biotechnology. We offer them highly innovative products exactly tailored to their needs.

More than a product

We not only sell a product. Our customers stand to gain from the experience and know-how of an international market leader. Omicron guarantees highest quality services such as, for example, outstanding quality control with the aid of state-of-the-art measurement equipment. We support our customers by integrating laser systems in the respective area of application and are also available on site to offer advice, professional assistance and precise measurements.

Unlimited Applications

The structure of our company is highly flexible, allowing for possibilities that are almost unlimited. In cooperation with our customers, we are constantly exploring whole new areas of application.

Medicine and Biotechnology

Modern medicine is no longer conceivable without laser technology. Omicron develops and produces laser systems for areas such as flow cytometry, laser-scanning-microscopy and endoscopy.

Digital Imaging/ Data Storage

Lasers are also used for archiving data. The broad spectrum Omicron covers with its newest developments includes Computer to Plate, DVD mastering, holographic data storage, micro-lithography, reprography and more.

Quality Assurance and Measurement Technology

Complex systems require excellent quality and precision. We supply 100% solutions for, among other things, Raman spectroscopy, wafer inspection, surface and materials analysis.



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