CWA.L.WS/US – Wavelength-Stabilised CW Diode Lasers

Omicron Wavelength Stabilised Diode Laser
Wavelength stabilised CW laser diode modules with enhanced coherence length

Bluephoton® CWA.L.WS Series – 375 nm – 405 nm
Redphoton® CWA.L.WS Series – 658 nm – 1061 nm
Bluephoton® CWA.L.US Series – 405 nm

 Specifications CWA.L.WS/US Models





Wavelengths & Powers
(other wavelengths and
powers on request) 

375nm / 16mW
405nm / 100mW

405nm / 350mW (M²<6)

658nm / 100mW
808nm / 150mW
830nm / 150mW
976nm / 120mW
1061nm / 80mW

405nm / 40mW

 Beam diameter
(other diameters on req.)

 1.25mm (1/e²)
 +/- 0.25mm (SM)

2.5mm (1/e2)
+/- 0.5mm (MM)

 1.25mm (1/e²)
 +/- 0.25mm

1.25mm (1/e²)
+/- 0.25mm

 Beam quality M²

 <1.2 (SM)
<6 (MM)



 Astigmatism (corrected)




 Beam ellipticity

 <1.1:1 (SM)



 Optical bandwidth

 <0.02nm (FWHM)

 <0.2nm (FWHM)

<150MHz (FWHM)


 >100:1 vertical

 >100:1 vertical

>100:1 vertical

 Power stability

 <0.5% / h

 <0.5% / h

<0.5% / h

 Noise 0Hz-100MHz

 <0.5% peak<>peak

 <0.5% peak<>peak)

<0.5% peak<>peak)

 Supply voltage

 24VDC, 2 Amp.


 RS-232 Interface


 LDM.COL - collimator objective
 LDM.FOC - customized focussing objective
 LDM.FASY.XXX - fibre coupling unit
 LDM.24VPSU - worldwide power supply unit

The wavelength-stabilized lasers of the CWA.L.WS/US series are highly-stable, temperature-stabilized diode lasers with extremely stable central wavelength and decreased spectral bandwidth.
By means of the structure of an external cavity, the laser diode is forced to emit on only one single wavelength and to retain this. Since the spectral bandwidth is very large, particularly in case of laser diodes in the blue wave band, this can be very disturbing in some applications. The lasers of the CWA.L.WS/US Series solve this problem and enable employment of diode lasers in applications which require narrow-band emission and stable wavelength (for example, with employment of AO deflectors, AO modulators and other wavelength-sensitive optical elements). As a result of their intelligent laser controller with interface RS-232, these lasers can be integrated seamlessly into applications and controlled. Through the standardized Command Line Interface (CLI), you have at all times full control of all parameters of the laser, such as e.g. laser diode temperature, laser powers and currents, operating modes and lots more. The high-precision temperature stabilization to a maximum diode temperature variation of <0.02°K and the stable power source for the laser diode, enable extreme power stability and very low noise levels.
The systems consist of a laser head and a laser controller in the EMC-screened modular housing with supply voltage input 24 V DC, according to industrial standards.
As in case of all lasers of the Bluephoton® and Redphoton® series, the laser head can be very simply adapted to customer specifications by the use of the modular principle.

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Wavelength-stabilised diode lasers in the red and blue


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